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Version History

Sometimes we release newer HEADMasterSEO builds without changing the software version. These are usually small stability/UI fixes.

Version 1.20 (Windows and Mac OS X)

Build: 05 Mar 2018 (Windows) - Updated the program to enable TLS1.1 and TLS1.2 protocols on older Windows versions, where they are not enabled by default.

Build: 03 Mar 2018 - New settings to control max redirections to follow, response timeouts and the number of times to retry problematic URLs. UI performance enhancements.

Version 1.10 (Windows and Mac OS X)

Build: 23 Feb 2018 - Bug fix release (improper User Agent setting, UI fixes).

Build: 17 Oct 2017 - Updated the way the URL limits are calculated to Maximum URLs per Import.

Build: 01 Aug 2017 - Import URLs from multiple files. Added a filter to show all files in import order. Added option to turn off URL deduplication. New options for the Standard CSV Report. New functionality to ignore parts of the destination URL when testing url mappings. Various fixes.

Version 1.09 (Windows and Mac OS X)

Build: 18 May 2017 (Mac OS) - Performance upgrade when checking large URL lists using many threads.

Build: 17 May 2017 - Added option to ignore errors in SSL/TLS connections and made that the default behavior. Previously the program would not show URL response data for links with compromised SSL/TLS connections (bad certificates etc.).

Version 1.08 (Windows and Mac OS X)

Build: 8 June 2016 - Added support for rate limiting requests per second not to overload slow servers + UI fixes.

Version 1.07 (Mac OS X)

Build: 24 Apr 2016 - The first Mac OS X release is out!

Version 1.07

Build: 20 Apr 2016 - Bug fix release.
Build: 7 Mar 2016 - Bulk test URL redirects using URL mapping rules. Easily audit website migrations.

Version 1.06

Build: 24 Feb 2016 - Important bug fix release.
Build: 23 Feb 2016 - Added ability to bulk test https/http and www/non-www redirects setup. Check response headers for non-secure cookies and HSTS headers.

Version 1.05

Build: 7 Feb 2016 - Added option to check all links in HTTP headers.

Version 1.04

Build: 4 Feb 2016 - Full support for checking all URLs in image and video sitemaps. Added URL deduplication on the fly. Added ability to run as a portable application.

Version 1.03

Build: 1 Feb 2016 - Under the hood optimizations slash memory usage by 30% (to prepare for future memory-hungry features).

Version 1.02

Build: 28 Jan 2016 - Massive increase in the URL limits of all licenses.
Build: 23 Jan 2016 - Updated the GoogleBot for smartphones user agent to the latest spec.
Build: 22 Jan 2016 - Added support for GET requests for all URL checks or just for a list of domains.

Version 1.01

Build: 18 Jan 2016 - Added filtering in Low Memory Mode + Bug fixes in CSV reporting

Version 1.0

Build: 13 Jan 2016 - UI Enhancements
Build: 12 Jan 2016 - URL rewriting made simpler.
Build: 10 Jan 2016 - UI enhancements.
Build: 9 Jan 2016 - Bug fix release.
Build: 7 Jan 2016 - Bug fix release.
Build: 5 Jan 2016 - First release.

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