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HEADMasterSEO screenshot showing URL results. Check status code, redirects and view raw headers.

HEADMasterSEO Overview

HEADMasterSEO is a software tool for bulk checking the response headers of large lists of URLs for status code, redirects (chains, loops), X-Robots-Tag, Vary, Link HTTP header fields, response time. You can view, sort, filter and export the results to CSV. It is fast, easy to use and free for checking lists of up to 500 URLs.

Blazing Speed and Lower Bandwidth Consumption

The tool uses HEAD requests to fetch only the server response headers without the content for faster speed and lower bandwidth consumption. With up to 200 simultaneous threads, HEADMasterSEO can extract maximum speed from fast servers.

Audit Huge URL Lists

By default, HEADMasterSEO keeps all results in memory and you can check 2 to 6 million URLs at a time on modest computers with 4GB to 8GB RAM. For checking really huge URL lists, run HEADMasterSEO in Low Memory Mode. It will read your URL list page by page, check the server response headers for the page, immediately output the results to a CSV file and free the memory for the URL.

Bulk Redirect Checker

View the complete redirect path and check details about every URL in a redirection sequence in an easy to use interface. Filter URLs by redirect type - 301 redirects / 302 redirects / 3XX HTTP status codes, redirect chains and redirect loops. Unlike other redirect checkers, HEADMasterSEO can handle millions of URLs and is the best SEO tool for testing large batches of URL redirections.

Bulk Test Redirects with URL Mapping Rules

HEADMasterSEO can take a list of URLs and a list of URL mapping rules and check if every URL redirects to the proper final URL. There is no need for you to manually examine every redirection. Write URL mapping rules once and run the tester as many times as needed.

Features and Benefits

Download the Free Version

Check up to 500 URLs per run. It's quick, easy and forever free.

Free Download

Pricing and Licensing

While the 500 URL edition is free, SEO professionals need to do site analysis on much larger URL lists. To open up the URL limits, you need to purchase a license. Pricing and licensing is based on the size the URL lists you would need to check in a single operation.